BlueGreen Sanctuary

Where the sun’s first rays touch Australia is Byron Bay, famous for its iconic beaches and alternative lifestyle, and a hinterland made lush by volcanic soil twenty million years old. Here deep rainforests, stunning waterfalls, hamlets and farmlands share the hills and valleys and sparkling views of the Pacific.

Nestled in the hills twelve minutes outside Byron, BlueGreen Sanctuary invokes this overflowing beauty into five acres of paradise. A haven that imparts serenity with its rolling lawns, terraces and nooks, swings in the rainforest and wild ducks on the lake. Or maybe it’s a game of soccer, feeding the alpacas or collecting eggs from the chookhouse that chases away any remnant stresses. Kids of all ages love the freedom, the space to run, swim and reconnect with nature.

The name itself drew inspiration from its surroundings: ‘blue’ from the huge sky, the distant mountains; and ‘green’ from the rainforest trees, the gentle sloping lawns, the macadamia and coffee plantations that cushion the boundaries.

The dream was to create a holiday sanctuary with a selection of accommodation options that merge with the environment and reflect the casual Byron Bay lifestyle. Handcrafted details enhance the sense of being part of nature; humble materials have been recycled, salvaged and re-imagined in unexpected ways that celebrate a spirit of creativity. A fusion of art and function, distilled to an ethos of simple luxury that nourishes the soul.

BlueGreen Sanctuary offers a choice of three unique escapes: BlueGreen VILLA, BlueGreen HOUSE and BlueGreen STUDIO.

BlueGreen VILLA

BlueGreen HOUSE

BlueGreen STUDIO